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Best Buys Pioneer SX-10AE Review

Posted by Powermove Distribution on

Best Buys Audio & AV
July 2018

“The SX-10AE is almost entirely analogue — but only ‘almost’, because it does have Bluetooth. It has four sets of RCA line-level inputs, no physical digital inputs, and certainly not any network ones.”

Read the full review online, but be careful, it might make you want to buy one...

Powermove partners with KRIX to distribute Concealed Speakers

Posted by Powermove Distribution on

Krix are the most specified and installed cinema speakers in the Australian market, with an unparalleled reputation in the residential and commercial loudspeaker industry. They manufacture and assemble a wide range of home entertainment, concealed and dedicated home cinema speakers in their factory in Adelaide SA. Powermove have built a successful distribution business through the Mass Merchant, Specialist and [...]

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Powermove Distribution showcasing the ultimate entertainment eco system

Posted by Powermove Distribution on

For the last decade, Powermove Distribution has been at the forefront of technology, delivering home entertainment to the Australian Consumer in every form. Powermove are the official distribution agents for brands such as; Pioneer, Toshiba Televisions and Philips. Products that will be featured at Integrate 2017 have a large emphasis on Home and Commercial network integration, [...]

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