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Create 'ZONES' with the latest Philips Hue App update!

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Control your Philips Hue lights in ZONES within your home!

Philips Hue App


Experience Philips Hue in a new way . . . The latest Hue App update was release on May 10th 2019 and now allows a user to group lights in Zones. Previously, the Hue App only allowed for Rooms to be set up, but with the release of Zones, you can now organise your Smart Lights much better and literally however you want! Enjoy further flexibility with your Smart Lights, whether you choose to have a Zone for an entire floor of your home, or even a Zone which controls just a small section of a Room, it's now easier and more fun to control lighting within your whole home eco-system.


Whether you want to change the brightness, turn your lights on or off, or even set multiple rooms with one scene, Philips Hue have come to the rescue with the release of Zones, enabling even easier control in and around your home. The new update works not only for lights inside your home, but also for any Philips Hue Outdoor lights you have set up in your garden and outdoor spaces. The update is available for download for Android and iOS devices via their dedicated App Stores, start enjoying the ease of Smart Lights via the Hue App today!


Download the Philips Hue app for IOS devices via the App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices:

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