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All new Philips Voice Tracers - available NOW

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Exceptional recording, shared instantly.

Powermove is pleased and excited to announce a brand-new range of Philips VoiceTracer Audio Recorders. Over the last two years, Philips have analysed future trends and customer feedback to create a totally new and innovative range. A full, new range with a new design and more intuitive than ever before, designed with an updated user interface and for the first time in history, a dedicated smartphone app for VoiceTracer recorders. The new devices provide the best settings for specific activities such as distance recording, meetings, music and many more. In addition to that, a completely new bundle called Video will be available as the perfect audio capturing device for all users creating videos such as bloggers, influencers, and trainers. The new range also includes speech recognition software that can be used to convert recordings to text.




The new devices have been designed to capture audio in outstanding definition and stunning clarity. Whether it’s music or voice, close or far, the superior microphones provide the best audio in their class. Various filters and sound settings allow you to capture audio in every situation. And, if you don’t care about settings, you can use one of the 6 audio scenes that adjust the recorder’s audio settings, depending on what you want to record, whether it is notes, audio for speech recognition, interviews, lectures, music or meetings.


The user interface has been completely re-designed to offer the best user-friendly experience. As well as an improved user interface, Philips have also re-designed and improved the menu structure to better your navigation. Furthermore, they have also modernised the design with new icons and colours.




In addition to the new hardware and user interface, Philips have also announced a new app called VoiceTracer. This app will be available for both iOS and Android devices, and allows a user to remotely control the recording on the device, share the recordings with others, and more. For example, you can capture a meeting with your recorder, and then share it with your colleagues instantly via the app! You can send a meeting note by email, archive the latest lecture in your Dropbox, or upload your own music to social media.


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